Esoterism Aluminium Bumper & Carbon Black Plate for iPhone

Esoterism, all the way from Taiwan were kind enough to send me one of their best bumpers available for the iPhone. They also sent with it a carbon back plate to complete the package.

The bumper they sent me specifically was the Moat-4 – Majesty – Dragon. It’s completely made from aluminium and you can tell as soon as you touch it. It has a dragon like vector which goes around the frame which is properly printed on the frame. I tried scratching it off but it’s tough and stays put, already giving a sense of quality. And so it should, it’s $99.99, it’s not cheap.

It comes in two pieces which you screw together when you’ve aligned it around the phone. You get given the tools and screws and it’s not hard to put together whatsoever. In the inside of the bumper, in each corner there are rubber-like pads to protect the phone from scratches.

I was surprised at how high grade the aluminium was, it barely bends with quite a bit of force applied. I was highly confident in the protection it can give the iPhone if dropped or scraped. The aluminium is also quite a very high quality black finish over it. I’ve already scraped it against a brick wall to find that the black was still there, but obviously there was some scratches.

You can also complete the look of the whole thing by getting yourself a back plate. They provide a carbon plate which comes in three different variations. They simply go over the back of the iPhone plate. They’re also of very high quality and are a lot better than most other similar plates.

Overall I was very impressed with what Esoterism sent to me and their products. It looks like they’re trying to compete with those other US suppliers who are providing bumpers, but are no where near producing the same quality. They are pricey but you get what you pay for with these, no cheap goods here.


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