Alien Blue - The Best Reddit Client for iOS


Alien Blue - The Best Reddit Client for iOS

We all know how awful Reddit's design is but amazingly the site is hugely popular because the UX is brilliant. But if you're like me and browse Reddit to kill some time and laugh at some proper random stuff, Alien Blue is the app to have when on the go.

This beautifully designed Reddit client has been made for both the iPhone and iPad and features everything you can think of, giving the best Reddit experience you can get on a small screen. The UI of the app isn't anything revolutionary but is a lot better than Reddit's browser version.

Here is the massive list of features you get:

  • Inline image viewing in comments
  • Ability to search Reddit's archive of posts
  • Support for iOS4 Multitasking
  • Add / Create Posts (and Self Threads) (PRO)
  • Multiple / Novelty Account Support
  • Instapaper and Instapaper Mobiliser Support
  • Read It Later Support
  • One-Tap Imgur Integration when posting (and when commenting)
  • One-Tap Quoting
  • Support for Casual Subreddits
  • Integrated "Readability" from Arc90 for in-built browser
  • One-Tap to "View All Images" in comments (PRO)
  • Large buttons for embedded links
  • Save State (when reading posts/comments) on Exit
  • Automatic notification of new messages from your Reddit inbox while you browse.
  • Post, and *edit* your comments
  • Interface optimised and tested for easy single handed browsing.
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Ability to exclude posts based on keywords (PRO)
  • Easily identify which comments are made from the Post creator. This is especially developed for AMA and AskReddit style threads.
  • Collapsable comments
  • Night mode option for very low backlight and reduced contrast.

From within the app you can purchase the PRO version which will give you a bunch of new features:

  • Canvas View and Image Galleries
  • Comment Link previews (retina device required)
  • Retina Thumbnails (retina device required)
  • Create Posts / Self Threads
  • Exclude Posts by Keywords
  • One-Tap Imgur Integration
  • One-Tap Quoting
  • Multiple / Novelty Account support
  • "Hide All" displayed posts (syncs automatically with your Reddit account)
  • Subscribe & Unsubscribe to Reddits via Alien Blue
  • Tilt Scroll

From all those features you can tell that this app has everything you can think of and is totally worth it if you're an avid Reddit browser. A Mac version of the app is also coming soon which will bring the Alien Blue experience to your desktop.

Alien Blue for iPhone | iPad