Stamped Updated To v2.0 - Whole New Redesign


Stamped Updated To v2.0 - Whole New Redesign

I was just the other day praising Stamped for the amazing UI and UX experience it had, how the app felt generally. But out of the blue, the app has been updated to v2.0, bringing with it a whole new UI, which I'm happy to say is even better!

The last version I thought was one of the best built apps going on the App Store but the developers have somehow done one better and made the experience better, mainly quicker.

There's a whole new "Guide" section which enables you to quickly and easily find the stuff which your friends and the people you follow have Stamped. It's made it a lot easier discovering new stuff now.

The main colour and fonts of the app haven't changed though so you still get a good feel of the previous version, which definitely isn't a bad thing.

Amazingly, Justin Beiber is an investor in the app. Other investors also include the New York Times company and Ellen DeGeneres.

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