Stamp The Stuff You Love | Stamped for iPhone

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Stamp The Stuff You Love | Stamped for iPhone

We all love sharing the stuff love by telling our friends about it. It may be a new film, a restaurant or a book, we're more influenced by our friends recommendations than by recommendations we find online. We trust our friends more and are way more likely to try that new restaurant due to their recommendation.

However with the amount of content we consume and stuff we do these days it's hard to share everything with everyone all the time. This is where Stamped comes in.

Stamped is a beautiful app (no really, it's a gorgeous app) which allows you to put a stamp of approval on stuff you love. You can stamp restaurants, bars, clubs, books, movies and music. If none of the stuff you like is those sections there's an "other" section where you can stamp whatever else and even create your own content to stamp. You can then add friends and check out what they've Stamped.

But so you don't go wild and Stamp whatever. You're only given 100 Stamps. The only way to earn more is by earning recommendations or credits from friends or followers.

It's actually a great way to find new stuff which your friends like. However with apps like this they only really work well if you have friends who use the app so make sure to get your friends on it too.

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