Sparrow WAS Coming To Windows

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Sparrow WAS Coming To Windows

Sparrow, the amazingly well done email client for Mac and iPhone was actually only a few weeks away from coming to Windows. However, Sparrow was recently acquired by Google, so the chances of seeing it as a finished product is practically gone.

Developer, Panos Tsimpoglou, really wanted to see a Windows version of Sparrow, so he asked the developers behind Sparrow if he could. Panos was willing to create the app from start to finish. He has been working on the app for a year now. He wanted to be part of a bigger brand, part of a bigger company and mainly wanted to bring the experience of Sparrow to Windows.

But with Sparrow being acquired he's literally been left in the dark. He had to find out the hard way that Sparrow will be halted through the press release, he then had to email the developers behind Sparrow to confirm this. So he didn't have a clue of Sparrow being acquired. What a bitch slap in the face, if you ask me.

Panos doesn't know what he's going to do with Sparrow for Windows yet but he has said that he might make it open source.

He has also kindly uploaded videos of Sparrow onto YouTube, check them out here.