Sleek Playstation 4 Concept

Whether you want it to happen or not, the current generation of consoles is swiftly coming to a close and that means that a brand new console war is on our doorstep. Excluding hardware and the multitude of games that will be available at the launch of a new console, I’ve always been concerned about how the console will end up looking. Over at Yanko Design, designer Joseph Dumary  has created his own outlook on what the upcoming Playstation 4 will look like.

The design itself isn’t exceedingly futuristic and looks like a natural transition from the current Playstation model, making it seem a lot more believable. It’s somewhat of a hybrid of the original Playstation 3 model and the PS3 Slim. The design itself isn’t the only thing impressive about the console however. Dumary also wants this console created with the ecosystem in mind.

This concept is composed of 60% recyclable material, has a 0 watt standby mode, and a unique ECO Restart Function which allows games to be saved, has the console turn on and off, and allows the player to continue right where  they left off without the need for a full restart.  Additionally, the unit will shut off automatically after 30 minutes of playtime (not nearly long enough of a session),  and draws energy from it’s rechargeable battery for five minutes; this is also a safety feature in the even of a power outage.

Joseph also goes into detail about the consoles hardware which is quite impressive and again, not too outlandish to where it doesn’t seem feasible.

Here’s what comes inside:

  • 1.5TB HDD
  • Full 3D 4K2K compatible
  • DLNA
  •  DPhdmi (HDMI Connect)
  • 3D Blu-ray (Blu Ray “DEUCE” Compatible, 3 times more data than the classic blu ray disc)
  • USB 3.0
  • DPConnect Bravia Sync
  • Qriocity
  • Sony Ericsson sync
  • Cloud Saving
  • Live TV
  • Weather applications, widgets, Gamespot news, and more

Last and definitely not least, the console connects wirelessly to any DPConnect TV, detecting the appropriate screen resolution as well as identifying the audio output, all in under 4 milliseconds so it’s ready to roll directly after being removed from the box.


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