Sign Online PDF's Without Printing Them - SignNow for iOS

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Sign Online PDF's Without Printing Them - SignNow for iOS

Even though technology is advancing and we keep coming up with new and better methods to get things done, the act of signing a contract with your own handwriting is still a tradition the whole world goes by.

The problem is though that people are using paper less, because technology makes everything quicker and paper affects the environment of course, but signing documents still requires you to print it out, sign, then scan it back in.

Why do that when you can use SignNow. This is a brilliant app for iOS which enables you to sign documents with your finger right on your iPhone or iPad instead of having to print it out.

A famous NBA player by the name of Deron Williams actually used this app very recently to sign a whopping $100 million deal.

Officially a Brooklyn Net! Signed my contract on an iPad Just thank God for this wonderful Opportunity

— Deron Williams (@DeronWilliams) July 11, 2012

Deron Williams Signing New Contract July 2012

I know I'll be using this from now on.

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