Playing Games On The Nexus Q Is Now A Possibility


Playing Games On The Nexus Q Is Now A Possibility

Over this past weekend the Android developers hackathon, AnDevCamp, was in full effect. With Google's I/O still on all our minds and invading everyone's conversations, you just knew that someone was going to do something great with one of Google''s newly announced products. In what literally feels like one day, Zac Bowling has hacked a Nexus Q and was able to play mobile games on it.

The game was called "Osmos"-- an iOS title ported over to Android-- which has you control a single-celled organism and try to grow larger by absorbing other organisms smaller than you.

During the hackathon, Zac was able to accomplish four things which earned him a third place spot:

  1. Get Osmos to run on the Nexus Q.
  2. Turn an Android phone into an Osmos remote (or "Osmote"), a controller that could take touch inputs and transmit them to the Nexus Q to control the game via wifi.
  3. Hook up a bluetooth device called Zeemote to the phone and translate Zeemote joystick inputs into touch events which would then be inputs to the Nexus Q.
  4. Use a brainwave sensor called Mindwave, which sends inputs to the phone based on the player's concentration level; which then would into touch events for the Nexus Q.

Does this mean that the Nexus Q will be a gaming machine? In combination with a projector and some other peripheral devices it can be, but only if you wish to play mobile games on a bigger screen. The Nexus Q simply doesn't have the 3D graphic capability as the other primary console platforms to really excel in that area, however, the idea of watching a full screen version of Angry Birds Space does get me pretty excited.

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