Make Photo Albums & Share Them Quickly With Popset

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Make Photo Albums & Share Them Quickly With Popset

If you're a person who takes lots of pictures with your iPhone and would like to share a bunch of them at once, Popset is the app to have. It's completely free on the app store and allows you to make simple picture albums.

Popset is a great way to share pictures you may have taken at an event, party, place or a set of the same type of pictures. You're albums are public by default, but you can make them private, so that only friends can see them. People who want to view the pictures can view them without having the app, but they will need to create a Popset account which is a quick process and can be done through signing in with Facebook.

A great feature is that you can also allow anyone to add pictures to albums by giving them a short code. You can just text them the code, they put it in on the app and can start adding pictures to an album too. Allowing you to build a whole album of pictures quickly and easily.