First Nexus 7 Advert Video

We all know what a hit the Nexus 7 has been. Many were just expecting it to be a half-assed tablet which will only get a few sales, mainly bought by hardcore Android fanboys and developers. But that wasn’t the case, the tablet is literally sold out everywhere now, making it very hard to get your hands on one. Unless you were one of the lucky ones to pre-order, you’ll probably be waiting for a few weeks till you get one.

Google hasn’t done any major advertising for the tablet as of yet, the only ones I’ve seen are the ones which have appeared on TechCrunch and Engadget, mainly under the AOL net of sites. But Google have now come up with a video advertisement for it, which will most likely go on TV.

I love how Google haven’t taken the typical route of some other companies, using big music, flashing screens and an epic voice which tells you about its features. Instead they’ve taken a really simple approach and not actually said anything about it at all, all they show is it in use.

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