Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released

Apple have just released OS X Mountain Lion on to their App Store. The new OS version doesn't add any major huge new features, it's an OS which adds on to OS X Lion, adding refinements, requested features and tighter integration with the iPhone and iPad.

New Features

  • iCloud is now a lot more tightly integrated and works with your iPhone, iPad and other Macs to keep data such as mail, calendars, contacts, reminders, documents and more all in sync across your devices.
  • Reminders and Notes from iOS now comes over to Mac, keeping in sync with reminders across other Apple products.
  • iMessage, Apple's own version of text messaging, but completely free and only for the iPhone and iPad, now comes to the Mac. Allowing you to send messages to other iMessage users for free.
  • Notification center from iOS is now integrated into Mac. Allowing you to stay on top of all those new emails, tweets and other related notifications.
  • Power Nap - This allows the Mac to now update while it sleeps, so it'll update even when you're away from your Mac.
  • Dictation - Talk to type, now allows you to type with just your voice.
  • Sharing - You'll now find share buttons across Mountain Lion so you can share content quickly and easily onto Facebook, Twitter or through iMessage.
  • Twitter now integrated into the OS just like on iOS.
  • Game Center comes over from iOS allowing you to now compete on your Mac too.
  • Gatekeeper - A form of defence against software. Allows you to choose whether to install only certified apps from the Mac App Store or allow any app to install. Protecting you from malicious software.

Those are the main new features you will see in Mountain Lion. When using the OS though you'll come across a lot more other minor tweaks and changes here and there.

Mountain Lion - £13.99 ($19.99)