Kingdom Rush Now On iPhone

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Kingdom Rush Now On iPhone

Kingdom Rush, easily the best strategy game out there in all round playability and graphics, has been released for the iPhone. It was actually released quite a few days back, but I only just caught whiff of it today.

It was first made for the web, then for the iPad, then for the 3rd generation iPad, now it's available for iPhone and iPod Touch's.

There are some great strategy games out there in the App Store but none of them seem to match up to the cute graphics and play that Kingdom Rush offers. The graphics highly remind me of Pokemon and I think that's what I love about it most.

Features include, 8 specialised towers, 18 tower abilities, 45 different enemies, boss fights, 50 challenges and a bunch of maps. Each map also has three different modes so you can get more hours of gameplay out of them.

Seriously, once you've played this, all other strategy games for iOS just don't come close.

Kingdom Rush for iPhone - £0.69 | Kingdom Rush for iPad - £1.99