Importance of a Fan Base | Infographic

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I did a post the other day on Why Facebook Integration In Your Site is Vital, and this infographic is a great complement to that post. Having a fan base is very important to any brand, whether it be a company or a person.

Taken from the infographic, 7 steps which will help you grow a fan base:

1. Establish your target market. Every brand has some sort of target market. For UltraLinx, our main target market is technology enthusiasts and designers all in one.

2. You then must understand your target market. I am a techy but love design at the same time so I can relate to our target audience very well.

3. Work out what types of engagement work best. I've worked out my best form of marketing for the site is posting pictures which relate to the UltraLinx audience on the Facebook fan page.

4. Don't expect results straight away. Building a fan base takes a long time. It's a long-term investment, you shouldn't expect your money back straight away.

5. Don't just post anything and everything. It's why on UltraLinx one day you'll see lots of new content, the next day you might only see one or two. It's purely because I didn't find any content which I think is relevant.

6. Schedule your updates. On UltraLinx I usually put an hour between posts unless they're news. It's so that our audience isn't overloaded with content all at once.

7. Monitor and measure everything. Use analytics tools like Google Analytics. Facebook fan pages have insights built-in now so you can see how much of your audience you reached and how viral your post went. To track your Twitter links use a URL shortner like, it'll tell you how many clicks your links got then.

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Importance of a Fan Base | Infographic