Halo 4 Multiplayer Video Debuts On Waypoint; Shows New Maps And Modes

The fact that Halo 4 is a little more than four months away gets me incredibly excited and makes my other games tremble in fear. They know that once Halo 4 is inserted into my Xbox, they will not be getting that much attention for a while. Halo 4 had a huge showing at E3 this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to  take a stab at it thanks to the 3 1/2 hour wait, but where I failed, Halo Waypoint excelled and got some great footage.

Today, 343 Industries released a healthy amount of multiplayer info to help satisfy our Halo 4 hunger. During E3, the Halo 4 team invited some of MLG’s most reputable players such as Naded, Walshy, and Neighbor to get their hands on the title and its new modes. In the video below you’ll see gameplay from two new game modes, Infinity Slayer and Regicide, on three maps. Though, they’re not full matches, you do see some great stuff!

Infinity Slayer is 343’s new spin on Halo’s signature team deathmatch game type. In Infinity Slayer, you’ll earn points for your team and for the first time, earn points for yourself. These individual points (earned through medals) fill up a meter for a new feature called ” personal ordnance.”

This differs from the standard Ordnance that spawns weapons on the maps. personal ordnance rewards players that  past a certain threshold on their personal ordnance meter. Once that’s happened, you’ll gain access to three randomly generated rewards; either a power weapon (not rockets), grenade, or power up (two of the former and one of the latter).

Powerups are said to be their “biggest new impact feature.” As previously mentioned there will be three. The overshield is making a return and two new additions, the speed boost and damage boost.

According to 343’s statistics, a player can earn one to two personal ordnance rewards per match. We’ll see how true that is once the general public gets their hands on it.

Infinity ordnance is essentially the weapons spawns that appear on the map, but even those are tweaked. At the start of the match, the UNSC Infinity will drop weapons. Then at “carefully timed intervals” power weapons will be dropped as well. When those are dropped, everyone on the map will see them on their HUD and will remain there. Other weapons such as Battle Rifles won’t.

After the first set of ordnance, Infinity is going to drop semi randomized weapons within specific constraints that’s set up specifically by the map and playlist settings. Curious to see if this really has a notable affect or if it will feel the same as weapons simply leaning up against the wall.

Halo 4 is set to release this November, so get ready to neglect anyone who isn’t on your Xbox LIVE friends list.


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