Gabi - A Creepy Way To Find Out More About Your Facebook Friends


Gabi - A Creepy Way To Find Out More About Your Facebook Friends

Gabi isn't your average Facebook browsing app. It's actually a whole lot different, different in either a creepy or cool way, it's how you look at it.

It's a gorgeous app when you first start up. Very well designed and the UI animations are smooth as silk. It's one of the best looking apps out there for iOS because I haven't actually seen anything else have a design like this one.

What Gabi does it visualize content from Facebook, content which you usually can't access on Facebook itself. Content such as what status of yours was the most liked, which one of your friends has the most friends, and what was the most "liked" link out of the friends and pages you follow. You can also change the times for this, either for today, for the last week or for all time.

If you shake your iPhone it can choose a random question for you, mixing it up a bit and asking a question which you may have not thought of before.

You can even publish the data on to your Facebook if you would like to. Don't worry, it won't do this automatically for you, you have to share manually. So you won't have to be worried that your friends might think you're some stalker.

Gabi for iOS - £0.69