Find The Best Photos on Instagram With Instafocus


Find The Best Photos on Instagram With Instafocus

Instagram as we know is a great platform to share photos. However one of the biggest problems with it is finding amazing photos. When you go to the popular section all you'll see is pictures of One Direction and young girls showing off their outfits. It's become difficult to filter out those pictures and find the gems.

Instafocus is an app which focuses on the great photographers who use Instagram as a tool to take fantastic pictures. Pictures which have a lot more emotion and are just simply epic. The convenience of an iPhone makes it a lot easier to capture that shot whenever and wherever. Instafocus is a great way to browse those amazing pictures within a really minimal space so you simply focus on the pictures. You can comment and like pictures but obviously like every other Instagram third party app, you can't upload pics.

Instafocus hand picks their favourite photographers who share the best pictures so you're always fed with the best pictures.

It's a free app to download and browse on. But if you want to look at your own profile you will need to pay.