Fieldrunners 2 for iPhone

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Fieldrunners 2 for iPhone

Fieldrunners is actually quite an old series now but that doesn't mean the game isn't being updated. The devs behind Fieldrunner have at last released v2.0. If you like your strategy games, you'll love this one.

As always, the game is super smooth and the graphics are simply awesome, especially on the small screen of an iPhone. It really makes use of all that power in the iPhone to provide a really smooth gameplay experience.

Here is the list of features in the new game, taken from their site:

  • 25 unique, hand painted levels spanning 4 distinct zones across Fieldrunners Island
  • Over 20 weapons to choose from at the start of each level
  • Face waves of fieldrunners that navigate the battlefield with unparalleled realistic swarming behavior
  • Multi-storied maps route enemies over bridges, under tunnels, and into trenches
  • Revolutionary “Hybrid Maps” combine the fun of designing mazes with the challenges of fixed path layouts
  • Sudden Death maps pit players against never ending hordes of enemies in an all new, action packed levels
  • Puzzle Maps are bonus levels that put players’ understanding of enemy behaviors to the test
  • Over 30 different enemy types, including elite enemy units with special attacks and rewards
  • Powerful items allow players to perform precision based attacks like never before

The game is only available for the iPhone right now, but I'm sure in the near feature it'll be coming to the iPad and to Android too.

Check out the gameplay video below to see how well created it is.

Fieldrunners 2 - £1.99