DoubleTwist Alarm Clock for Android


DoubleTwist Alarm Clock for Android

Editors Note: This is a guest post by Sam Johnson. He is the founder and editor of Geeks Have Landed. Follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

Most people spend a very short time using an alarm clock, a minute at night to set it, and a few seconds in the morning to turn it off. Because of this, I have always firmly believed that an alarm clock is a functionality-only product that has no need for a fancy design. I was wrong.

DoubleTwist are known for their work on their music player and AirSync on Android. So it came as quite a surprise when they released 'Alarm' back in April.

The application works much the same as other alarm clock applications you can find on the Google Play Store. You can set multiple alarms spread across the entire week, you can set your own ringtones to play in the morning and can even sync it with DoubleTwist Player. But the area where this app really shines is it's design.

DoubleTwist has opted for a very dark design which looks very classy, especially on large screens like the Galaxy Nexus. The user can decide to have a analog clock face in landscape or portrait, but my personal choice is the flip clock, which looks extremely simple and easy to read. My only criticism would be the icon for the app, which is extremely dull compared to the rest of the UI.

For £1.99, this might seem extremely expensive for what it does. But if you are willing to splash out on an expensive smart phone, why not spend that extra two pounds on something which would make it look even better? Also with over 3000 ratings it's got nearly 5 stars so it must be doing something right.