Digg Launches Whole New Redesign


Digg Launches Whole New Redesign

Digg has amazingly within 6 weeks has completely redesigned the site from ground up, a feat which takes some sites months to a year to achieve.

Digg was acquired by Betaworks recently and ever since it's vowed to transform itself, hopefully back into the massively popular site it once was.

I personally was not around in the Digg era but everyone seems to go on about it so it must have been something special.

Digg are calling the new redesign simply 'v1'. The new design has a very nice minimalistic design, with content in its own square in a magazine style layout which has become very popular. Also the background is plain white and there are big bold fonts used for the titles of the content.

A neat little feature is when highlighting over the little number icon on the bottom left of a piece of content, a box will pop up showing how many shares the article has got via Twitter and Facebook.

I personally love the new design and will provide as a great place to find new and interesting content, instead of Reddit whose design is awful, even if it is massively popular.