26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

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Not everyone has the privilege of an inspiring view from their office; those that do are outnumbered by many who overlook a car park or have to stare at a wall all day. Some job roles and workplaces just don’t allow that picturesque view either.

However there are those who are more fortunate, which raises the question, does a beautiful office view motivate and inspire those to be more productive at work? Or is it actually a distraction, providing an even better reason to stare out of the window all day dreaming! It’s perhaps a rather nice dilemma that many businesses and people would like to have.

Even the most stunning and scenic views can be taken for granted with time and the everyday grind and pressures of working life. Some are less appreciated as they merely just come with the job!

So we wanted to step back a little and appreciate some of the most unique and inspiring office views from a variety of jobs across the web.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

Overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River, complete with window frame and fluorescent lighting from the office.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

Window cleaners of the 101st floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center in China have rather spectacular views from their cleaning cabin that they call their office. More than 30 workers work in pairs every day cleaning the skyscraper which stands at 1,614ft.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

A view of Snowdon through Elidir steam train window.

Even through a dirty window, the Empire State Building is a stunning view from this office.

The View From Sue's Office

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

The bridge of this 600ft long oil tanker has an ever changing view of the Pacific Ocean.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

I think I would take down the blind as well. Yes that’s the Gherkin in London which is just edging into the photo from this office!

Nevis Highwire Bungee Platform

This is the view of the Nevis Highwire bungee platform that is suspended by high tension cords on either side of the Valley in the Southern Alps, Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s the third highest bungee in the world, but just the everyday office for the AJ Hackett team.

Mojo Office

This stunning view is the Mojo office in Dolores Heights, San Francisco.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

The tall building you can see in the background of this photo is the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which is still officially the tallest office building in the world.

The view from inside the Taipei 101 office overlooking Taipei City is even more stunning.

From 101

Although, you wouldn’t want to have vertigo.

View from Taipei 101

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

This one may be cheating a little. But if you’re a coast guard, you too might have the opportunity to be strapped to the back of your C-130 ‘office’ with the cargo doors wide open. I am not sure if I would be quite that relaxed though.

Not many people can say they have worked on the edge of a canyon, but staff working from the Grand Canyon skywalk have amazing views from 4,770ft above the canyon base.

Skywalk - don't confuse with skyjump

Out The Window.

As the photographer eloquently says “looking out the window, there's so much history. New and old architecture splashed all over the city, coexisting peacefully” in Sydney, Australia.

Willis Tower - Skydeck Chicago

The Willis Tower in Chicago (formally known as Sears Tower) is the 4th highest office building in the world standing at 1,451-ft. London based Willis Group currently lease a portion of the building and the observation desk is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chicago.

Classic picture of workers working on Empire State Building

This widely renowned picture certainly puts things into perspective. During the construction of the empire state building, it wasn’t unusual to have your lunch perched 1,454 feet in the air.

Corner Office

This clever symmetrical shot was taken in Eisenhower East, Alexandria, VA in the USA.

Office View - docks

This stunning view was taken in Canary Wharf London, overlooking the West India Quay.

Earth from Space

How about the earth as an office view? This is not taken from a sci-fi film, its astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson peering out of the window of the International Space Station in November ’10.

Cable car

I doubt many have ever considered working on cable cars. But there are some perks on the job if you manage to work at the top of the mountain, like here at Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The cable cars are of course famous for the 1979 James Bond movie Moonraker, where the evil henchman Jaws attempts to kill 007. Again.

Working Smart, Not Hard

This office may look rather basic, but it’s perfectly positioned desk more than makes up for it, with stunning views over Vancouver’s skyline.


The Alibaba offices in China have stunning courtyards and amazing architecture.

Pretty cool office view

This office overlooks a lazy and relaxing waterscape.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

The envy of every cubicle worker, the rolling hills leading up to Mt. Kanchenjunga - the world's third highest mountain.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

Check my six. And you thought your desk was close to your co-worker.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

We wonder how anyone gets any work done with a view like this. Looking out over Lake McDonald in Montana.

26 Extraordinary & Inspiring Office Views

This view over Central Park in New York City is a great reason to come into work every morning.