XBOX SmartGlass - Control Your Xbox From Your Tablet or Phone

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XBOX SmartGlass - Control Your Xbox From Your Tablet or Phone

I posted about the Wii U controller recently and said how it's like the next best thing and how it may be hard for competitors to match them, well XBOX has somehow done one better.

The new XBOX SmartGlass is Microsoft's answer to Nintendo's Wii U and Apple's AirPlay. With SmartGlass you can use your phone and tablet with your XBOX, all wirelessly and they all work together to bring a more interactive and connected experience. Your phone or tablet can now act as a second screen or controller for your XBOX.

You can sift through movies and music and have them play straight on your XBOX, but if you then have to move away from the TV, you can still take the experience along with you on your phone or tablet.

A demo from the video shows a boy browsing the internet in Microsoft explorer but using his phone as the trackpad, navigating around the page and pinching to zoom in/out. So instead of having to use the normal XBOX controller, you get a lot more functionality from an actual touchscreen device.

With the stance Microsoft has in the mobile market already, with their own phones and tablets, the equipment is already there. Unlike Nintendo where you have to buy new equipment, Microsoft make use of the tech you already have. Also SmartGlass won't just be limited to Windows phones and tablets, they will also be bringing the tech to Android and iOS devices too.