Uppleva by IKEA - TV & Furniture In One

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Uppleva by IKEA - TV & Furniture In One

IKEA are known for their trendy and amazing furniture, keeping up with current design trends but not charging ridiculous prices. I'm actually typing this up on a desk by IKEA.

But a new thing they have come out with is Uppleva. The Swedish furniture giants want to disrupt the TV market, something which is usually left to the big boys like Sony or Samsung. Uppleva is a new TV which just isn't a TV but a piece of furniture which brings with it many different styles.

Many people see TV's as a part of furniture. Most people reading this judge tech by its specs but the average consumer isn't really bothered about specs on a TV, they look at the design of it, how thin it is, what colour it is, what the case looks like, what the stand looks like, they want to make sure it'll fit right into their desired space, so they see it as a piece of furniture. IKEA's designer, Francis Cayouette, has recognised this and wants to disrupt the TV market.

From the video below, there seems to be a huge range of styles and sizes, to fit everyone. You can go for a technical modern look or a true minimal look and this is where IKEA have hit it just right.

The TV's themselves aren't your usual ones either. They're top of the line smart TV's with apps and all. You'll get full 1080p HD with a response time of 400Hz, probably beating the TV you've got right now. You also get a 2.1 sound system with a wireless subwoofer and a Blu Ray player.

Everything has been made super simple, even when it comes to the remote. The face of it has very few buttons, the buttons you use all the time. Then there is an extra advanced set of buttons which slide out from the bottom, the ones you won't use too often.

Prices will be around £1000.

Note: The subtitles for the video are horrific.