Need for Speed Most Wanted | E3 2012


Need for Speed Most Wanted | E3 2012

EA love to bring out new additions to the Need for Speed franchise on a regular basis and this year its Need for Speed Most Wanted.

You maybe thinking, "wait I swear there is already a Need for Speed Most Wanted", and you're right there was, 5 years ago. This new version is updated in every way since, utilising all the power it can get from consoles like the PS3 and Xbox.

There will be an open world where you can speed down long runways, hide down alleyways and much more. It looks to be a bit like Burnout Paradise where there are no actual main menus or anything, you do everything in-game to make everything a lot faster.

The graphics from the gameplay look amazing and really take note of real world physics and effects. Also I've got to say the police chases and the movie like angles when jumping does make it look real intense.

This new title will be available on 30th of October and will be on Xbox, PS3, PC, PS Vita and iOS.