Sell Your iPhone Photos for $10 A Piece With This App

If you think you have a good eye for photography and take pictures on your iPhone all the time, why not put them to good use and sell them. Foap, an app by a Swedish based company, wants to make selling pictures from your iPhone easier than ever before.

You can sell your photos for $10 a piece. But Foap does take 50% of that so you’ll actually get $5 per picture. There are some rules too. All pictures have to be clean and there can be no filters added to them. However from looking through the marketplace I’ve found various pictures with blur effects and other subtle effects, so I don’t know how strongly they stand by this rule.

The point behind this is for buyers to get hold of stock imagery and be able to do with it what they like.

Buyers who are looking for a specific photo can also set up “missions”. This is whereby they request a certain type of photo and sellers can submit their photos.

Obviously, don’t think this will make you tons of money. It’s just a good way to make a little pocket money and can help you put all your pictures to better use.

An Android version of the app is also coming very soon!

Foap for iPhone

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