Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Controller – Everything You Need To Know

Nintendo’s new controller will be simple called the Wii U Gamepad. This new controller is part of their new console.

They showed off the controller in a pre-E3 livestream, where they were just too impatient to wait for E3 and wanted to tease everyone with their new controller.

The new controller has a huge touchscreen right in the center of it. They have recognised how people have adopted things like tablets massively, especially in the living room. So they wanted a controller which would bring people together.

The controller is very similar to most other controllers out there, featuring your generic d-pad, trigger buttons, thumb sticks and so on. But obviously with the way tech is evolving this new controller does have a lot more.

The first thing Nintendo showed off is that there is now an NFC reader/writer right in the gamepad. You can place things like cards and even action figures right on the controller, making it a lot more interactive.

There is a TV button on the controller which enables you to go straight to your TV and you’ll be presented with a virtual touchscreen remote and the ability to look at the TV guide, turn the power on/off, adjust volume and so on.

There is a neat feature where you can use the Wii U gamepad, a Wii remote and your TV all at once. The example they used in the video was a person playing golf, where the ball is on the Wii U gamepad on the floor and then you use the Wii remote as a golf club to hit the ball and then your console responds. Another great example they used was catching a ball, you can follow the ball with the gamepad and if you’re accurate enough you’ll catch it. It’s an interesting feature which is definitely very different to anything else in the market.

There is a stylus given to be a lot more accurate with the touchscreen. This is great for drawing as they show in the video.

A great feature which has been implemented is the ability to continue playing games right on the Wii U gamepad when the TV is in use. But this is mainly for casual games. There is also the ability to stream HD content right from the console straight to Wii U gamepad without any delay. It will be interesting to see what technology they used to be able to transfer large amounts of data wirelessly.

There is camera integrated right into the gamepad which, from the video, shows two people having a video call right on the console. So Nintendo have implemented their own Skype-like feature.

There is a web browser built right into the gamepad so you can browse all the sites you like. You can also share the web browser right to your TV.

Nintendo also announced the Wii U Pro Controller. They have made this specifically for more intensive and longer gameplay. Obviously with the amount of tech in the Wii U Gamepad, the weight might be an issue, so this is a lot lighter.

An interesting feature which Nintendo have implemented is the ability to go to forums right on the console and interact with other Wii U players. In the video the player is finding it difficult to kill a zombie so he takes to the forum to find help. Then a smartphone shows up where another player is reading the forums.

Nintendo have implemented their own social network into the Wii U console and are calling it the Miiverse. It will feature all the Mii’s on your console, your friends and other Mii users who speak the same language or come from the same country. You can talk to people and see what games are being played most. You can type messages, draw things with the stylus and send them to your friends. Miiverse will be available on the PC and any smartphone with a web browser.

Nintendo has said a lot in their pre-E3 stream but they say this is just a sneak peak. Who knows what is awaiting us at E3 because I’m sure Nintendo are saving the best till last. I think they’ve already made a good start here and if advertised right, like they did with the original Wii, they could make it go viral and sell out worldwide.

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