Latest SEO Methods | Infographic

One mistake which many do when applying SEO techniques to their site is making them for the search engines, instead of the end user. When applying SEO techniques it is important to put yourself in the end users shoes. You have to work out how the end user would search and what words they would use to find what they’re looking for.

Here are some great SEO techniques which will enable you to rank higher for search results.

1. Carry out guest blogging. Make articles for sites which are in the same niche as you but a lot more popular. If the site accepts your article you can get valuable link backs to your site. Search engines will recognise this and rank you higher.

2. Fix broken links. If search engines find a ton of broken links they will find the site of lower quality. If a visitor comes to a 404 page on your site they will most likely leave.

3. Get interviewed. The great thing about running a moderately successful site is that people will regard you as an “expert” in that field, even if you have no qualifications because your site is the evidence. It’s a great way to acquire free publicity and will get a lot more people interested in you and your website.

4. Use social media. With social media playing a huge role in leading traffic to websites, search engines have recognised this and are actually using social media sites to rank sites higher.


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