Instagram for iPhone Updated to v2.5 [UPDATE: Android Version Updated Too!]


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Instagram for iPhone just got updated adding some minor changes. This is the first updated since it got acquired by Facebook in April $1 billion. There isn't anything major that has changed but some changes that make the app more social.

The "popular" tab has been changed to "explore". It still shows the most popular pictures but at the top you now get a search bar, where you search for users or hashtags very quickly. A very nice and welcomed change because to search for stuff before you had to dig through the settings. This change should make searching a lot quicker and more prominent.

Facebook has added its own touch whereby when you "like" a picture on Instagram, it shows on your Facebook profile too. Thankfully this isn't enabled by default, you need to go to your settings to enable this feature.

I've noticed also when opening the camera feature in the app it is a hell of a lot quicker than before. Tip: Hold down the camera button in the app to go straight to your camera roll.

No word on when the update is coming to Android but it should be soon hopefully.

Looks like the Android version has just been updated too!

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