Instagram for Chrome - An Awesome Chrome Extension

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If you're an avid Instagram user like myself (follow me - UltraLinx) and love Google Chrome, you'll love this Instagram for Chrome extension.

The description for the extension says it's "hands down, the best Instagram Extension for Chrome", the developer definitely isn't wrong about that.

Once installed and logged in, you just hit the Instagram icon in the bar and it'll pop down, showing the latest photos. It's very like the actual Instagram app for iPhone and Android and works beautifully well. You can like and comment and photos like you can on your phone.

It doesn't just end there though, if you click on the three dots on the top right of the extension window you can look at your feed, your profile, popular photos, nearby photos and who you're following.

There isn't much else you can do with the extension, like upload photos, and that isn't the developers fault. Instagram has yet to release the API which enables photo upload from other apps.

Instagram Extension for Chrome

Instagram for Chrome