How To Build A Strong & Perfect Password | Infographic

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With the recent security breach at LinkedIN, with millions of passwords being leaked online, it seems fitting to find out what makes a super secure password.

The infographic below shows some great tips on creating a strong and perfect password.

How to build a strong password

1. The longer the password, the better. This is a universal rule which most will probably know.
2. Use uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters randomly throughout your password.
3. A good trick to making a long password you can remember is by using a sentence which you will find easy to remember. For example "UltraLinx technology and design web magazine" can become something like "ULTechDesWMag". But we could make this a lot more complicated by adding numbers and special characters, so it could become "?U1T3chD35WM4g" which is a lot more complicated.
4. Don't use common words.
5. Avoid using words and numbers which are related to you somehow, like birth date, where you live..etc.

How To Build A Strong & Perfect Password | Infographic