Harman Kardon Release Their Own Headphones

Harman Kardon, the premium audio manufacturer has released its own line of headphones and earphones. Harman Kardon know their stuff when it comes to high-end audio, I actually have their Soundsticks III on my desk right now and they’re one of the best set of desktop speakers going, sound quality is just spectacular.

The new headphones and earphones line has premium in mind with prices ranging from £90 to £220. Some the products have been made from high quality materials like aluminium to provide robustness but not forget about design. The design of the series are stunning, with a real minimalist approach and mainly based on square-like designs. Harman Kardon have made them in relation to the iPhone design, using black and silver as the main colours.

There are four different sets in the line which have quite awkward names so it may be difficult to remember them. But NI and AE models (images below) are in-earbuds. These are the cheapest with the NI being priced at £90 and the AE priced at £130.

Harman Kardon NI – £90

Harman Kardon AE – £130

Then there are the CL and BT models. The CL is made from sand-blasted steel and a lot of it is made from metal, including the hinges so you don’t have to worry about cheap plastic. The BT model is at the top of the line because it has bluetooth capability so no need for any wires when connecting your iPhone, Android phone or tablet. There are also playback buttons on the actual headphone and they are powered by rechargeable batteries. The CL is priced at £170 and the BT is priced at £220.

Harman Kardon CL – £170

Harman Kardon BT – £220

Harman Kardon Headphones & Earphones

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