Google TV Coming To The UK At Last


Google TV Coming To The UK At Last

Google is at last bringing Google TV to the UK, in a partnership with Sony. Google TV is Google's own addition to the TV market which transformed any TV into a smart TV. With Google TV you can browse the internet and use an array of apps.

The picture above is the Google TV box Sony is offering to the UK market. It'll cost around £200 when it does go on sale. It will include a double sided remote which has a qwerty keyboard built-in. There will also be a blu-ray version which will cost around £300.

You have to wonder though, with consoles like the PS3 you get a blu-ray player, a fully capable gaming machine and an internet browser for around £200. You also get access to applications like Netflix, Lovefilm and BBC iPlayer. So the only advantage you'd get from the Google TV would be the apps, of which there aren't very many.

I couldn't see Google making much of a hit with Google TV, especially when there are cheaper alternatives.