Google Now - Advanced Version of Siri?

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Google Now - Advanced Version of Siri?

Google Now made its debut at Google I/O yesterday and it was praised massively by the audience at the conference and by tech news publications from all over.

What Google Now does is that it takes voice search to the next level. Google have had voice search even way before Apple came along with Siri. Siri just made it better, well now Google have come back and made it even better than that.

Voice search on Android is now a hell of a lot faster than anything out there for mobile phones at the moment. The video below is taken directly from Google I/O and is definitely worth watching.

The more you search the more Google Now learns about you. It then builds these searches into "cards" which stay in the app. It'll update these cards however often it needs to. For example if you asked for the score of your favourite football team, it'll learn which is your favourite team and create it into a card. It'll then update that card regularly with the latest results.

It doesn't just stop there though, it also takes advantage of maps, traffic, places, appointments, flight times and a lot more.

It's a massive move forward with the way voice search has gone and shows that mobile phones are able to be even more helpful in our daily life. Google Now is coming with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 so you will need that version of Android to use it.

Google also released a new tablet, check that out here - Google Nexus 7