How To Get More Followers on Instagram


Instagram Launches Feed For The Web

Instagram is a great photo sharing network which anyone can use to share their pictures to a huge community. Because by default everything is public, anyone can view, like and comment on anyones pictures.

I've found though that many people don't use Instagram purely because they don't have an audience to cater to. This short little guide will hopefully help you acquire more followers and more activity on your pictures.

1. Use different filters

There is an absolute ton of camera apps on both iOS and Android which enable you to use that camera on your phone in many different ways. Use other apps to add different filters and effects to your pics. This can easily make your pictures stand out. You could even use one of my favourite apps, Phoster, to add text to your images.

iPhone Photography Apps

2. Upload the best

Don't post a picture of every moment of your life. The truth is no one cares. Post only the best pictures you take. Once a day or once a week is enough. I myself usually only post around 2-5 pictures a week. People only want to see the best pictures, they don't want be inundated crappy pictures constantly.

3. Tags, tags, tags

Try to use tags on your pictures. Use tags which relate to your pics and are popular. You can check out the most popular tags at the moment right here.

Using tags definitely does help and a friend of mine, Will Kennerley has proved it. Even though I have 600 more followers than him, sometimes his pictures get over 200 likes. The most I have got is around 70. The reason he gets so many likes is because he uses a lot of tags on his pictures.

Instagram Tags

4. Like and comment on others

Browse around Instagram and use tags to find pictures. Like and comment on those pictures, also follow the person purely because you like their pictures, and not because you want a follow back. If you also have good pictures those people will naturally follow back. Try and find profiles which have a low follower count, under a thousand, and like and comment on their pics. They'll appreciate it a lot more than people who have tens of thousands of followers.

When leaving comments, leave kind comments about the picture or their style of photography. You'll get a lot more noticed then.

5. Share your pictures on Facebook & Twitter - Also put links everywhere!

Always make sure to share your best pictures on Facebook and Twitter. It will be easier for friends to then find you and it may even entice some of your friends to join Instagram.

Also leave links to your Instagram wherever possible. I don't mean this in a spammy way, I mean in bio's, end of emails and other related places.

On that note, make sure to follow me on Instagram too, username - UltraLinx