New Gears Of War Title Revealed

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New Gears Of War Title Revealed

Something from E3 that I didn't expect at all was another Gears of War title from Epic Games. And yet; here I am telling you that there's another one coming and will be at the upcoming E3 next week.

The trilogy of Marcus Fenix and his team was concluded in Gears of War 3, but Game Informer reports that their upcoming issue will give us our first look into the new title. That's really all we know about the game thus far.

If you look at the image above, it sure does look like Marcus Fenix is in handcuffs. We started off the trilogy with Marcus being broken out of jail by Dom, during the Locust war. Maybe it's a prequel to all of this? We did get a glimpse at early stages of the war with the RAAM's Shadow campaign DLC that released for Gears of War 3. What is interesting is the fact that this title will still be released on the Xbox 360 as opposed to the next generation of consoles.

We'll hopefully find out more at E3 within the next few days.