Facebook Release Official Plugin for Wordpress

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Facebook has at last released their very own Wordpress plugin which shows they understand the real potential of Wordpress and how massively popular it is.

It's pretty basic and easy to install because it's been made for nearly everyone to use. People who know how to code and like to have more control over their site will probably already have installed a lot of Facebook stuff manually.

The Wordpress plugin deeply integrates Facebook into any Wordpress site.

You get the following features:

  • You can have new posts publish to your Facebook profile or Facebook fan page (or both) right away.
  • You can mention Facebook friends and Facebook pages directly into posts. This will also go straight on to their timelines.
  • It'll install like, send and subscribe buttons without you having to do any coding work.
  • You can install Facebook comments straight into the site too, without any coding work. It is SEO supported.
  • Open Graph Protocol integration.
  • You get the recommendations bar, which shows a bar at the bottom left or right of the site, where users can like/recommend articles and have other related articles show.
  • Activity Feed Box and Recommendations Box widgets are now available.

This is a great move by Facebook and will spur on users to install Facebook into their sites. You can already see I've got the recommendations bar installed and other various Facebook features. Facebook has become a massive contributor social use on UltraLinx and drives a ton of traffic to the site. I highly recommend anyone install Facebook on their site, there are millions of Facebook users so it's a bloody good idea tapping into that market.

Facebook for Wordpress - Plugin