Essential WordPress Plugins I Use

As many will already know, UltraLinx runs on WordPress. I know many of you guys also have sites which are based on WordPress. It’s such a versatile CMS platform which you can do a lot with. With it being free and open source you can really customise it the way you want. This has also lead to thousands of plugins created for the platform for just about everything you can think of.

It’s definitely worth sharing the WordPress plugins I use on my site to optimise it and make it work the way I want, so you guys can also do the same with your WordPress sites.

Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios– This plugin enables you to input HTML into your author bio boxes, something isn’t usually enabled. It’s why you see Twitter follow and Facebook subscribe buttons in my author box. It has also enabled me to add my Google+ profile to my posts, so if you search for a post from UltraLinx in Google you’ll see my authorship under it.

Auto Post Thumbnail – I’ve gone over this one before. It simply auto creates and adds thumbnails to your posts.

Capability Manager– This plugin enables you to have greater control over users on your site. You can edit roles and limit or enable certain features as you like.

Faster Image Insert– This plugin puts the image uploader and browser right in the dashboard so you don’t have to keep clicking on the media icon to upload media to your site.

nrelate– At the bottom of every post you may have noticed the related posts box which displays other related posts which are available on the site. nrelate is the plugin which enables me to get that. You can also include sponsored stories like I have done which can earn you a little bit of cash, you won’t make much though unless you’re getting millions and millions of views.

SEO Slugs– This plugin automatically removes common words like “a’ and “the” from the url of your posts. It’s a great way to clear up your links.

Sharebar – That floating bar you see with all the social media share buttons are done through this plugin. It enables you to customise the buttons and add whatever you like. You can put any sort of HTML you like in the boxes. You could even put an ad. It scrolls down the page with you as you scroll.

UberMenu– This plugin not everyone will need but it enables you to have a more customisable menu bar like I have. Enabling you to have drop down menu and the ability to customise it the way you like.

Widget Logic– This plugin enables you to have different widgets on different parts of the site.

WP Super Cache– A site can slow down when you get medium to high traffic and this plugin helps you manage that kind of traffic. It goes through a number of steps to make your site faster. I won’t go into much detail because not everyone will understand, but give it a try and you’ll definitely notice your site loads faster.

WordPress SEO – This plugin enables you to manage the SEO parts of your posts. I use it mainly to auto-add SEO titles and descriptions to my post.

WP to Twitter – If you follow the UltraLinx Twitter account you will have noticed that posts get tweeted as they’re published and those tweets include the author which created that post. This plugin makes that happen.

Those are all the plugins I recommend everyone to use and install on their WordPress. Make sure you only have the plugins you need active. Having too many activated plugins can slow your site down so be careful.

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