Chrome for iOS Unleashed


Chrome for iOS Unleashed

Chrome for iOS has been just been released. I had trouble getting it at first, it seemed to be available everywhere except the UK app store. After inpatient waiting it came, and boy is it good.

I can already tell the difference when using the browsers that it is faster than Safari. I never use any other browser except Safari because it's clean. But using Chrome for a short period I could tell the difference. Others may not notice huge improvements, but the geeks will.

Google's famous omnibox has been added, which already makes it look cleaner. Also there isn't a second bar at the bottom like their is on Safari, so there is more space. Yes on iPhone, the top bar does disappear as you scroll down the page, but you have to scroll up again to go to another site. In Chrome there is just one bar and it stays at the top.

On the iPad there is also a tabs bar so you can quickly change tabs, just the same as Safari. But there is one huge difference. You can have unlimited tabs. Well I don't think it's truly unlimited, but it'll go till your device can't take it anymore.

The omnibar also includes Google's very quick voice search and it works like a charm.

A great part of the browser is that it can sync tabs across devices if you're logged in with your Google account. I only have it syncing across my iPad and iPhone though because my desktop usually has 10+ tabs so I don't want my mobile devices being clogged too. It doesn't stop there though, you can also keep bookmarks and history in sync.

The iPhone version's tabs feature is simply awesome. When you tap for all tabs at the top right it'll show them all like a deck of cards, with the name of the site and the site itself, very good way to know what site is what. It gets better, if you want to close a tab you can simply use a swipe and flick gesture to literally flick it off the screen, very neat. Also when actually browsing you can swipe from edge to edge to go to the next tab, probably the most useful feature  in the browser.

Now what are you waiting for, download it! - Chrome for iOS