How Amazon Is So Cheap | Infographic

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Many know Amazon as the go to place for shopping online. You can buy nearly anything and everything from the site at a lot cheaper prices than you would find in shops on the street. But this level of cheap does have its set backs.

Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon gets a measly $81k for his role in running the company. The average CEO salary is $12.8m, so you can see Jeff Bezos is literally getting pennies compared to the big boys and he doesn't even mind. And even though he owns 19% of the company, he still does not receive any dividends.

In one of Amazon's non-air conditioned warehouses the heat went up to 102 degrees fahrenheit, 15 out of 1600 workers collapsed because of heat exhaustion. 6 had to go ER and on top of that they received disciplinary action for not continuing work.

Amazon even goes as far as to take out light bulbs out of its vending machines to save $20,000 a year.

How Amazon Is So Cheap | Infographic