Blacks Ops 2 Gameplay | Video – E3 2012

Treyarch just showed off some of the gameplay from their upcoming addition to the Call of Duty franchise.

The gameplay shows of some action from the campaign and how it is set way in the future. Technology now seems to be the forefront of the game, using ever new ideas and concepts to show off what future warfare could be like. In the campaign it looks as though you can choose what you do and the example they showed was the ability to either be a sniper from high above, or run a long with the team on the ground. This idea isn’t new but it’s a great way to have a say in what you do in the game.

Air support seems to play a massive role, drones and helicopters supporting you through a lot of the gameplay. Near the end you end up playing a pilot in a plane of some kind and the aim is to protect the ground team. At the end of the video the plane looks to have a super sonic mode where you fly at very fast speeds, moving to locations quickly.

A feature which looks to be copied from Battlefield 3 is where the HUD moves with the player, jerking when you run.

But in true Call of Duty style, it looks like the feel of play hasn’t changed. Keeping with the hardcore gunning sounds and raw feel of taking on enemies.

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