Any.DO, The Beautiful To Do List App, Now On iOS & Web


20 Examples of Android & iOS UI Design Inspiration | Part #5

Any.DO, one of the best and most popular to-do list apps for Android has at last made the move over to iOS, but it has also come to the web as well, so there is cloud support to. Now the reminders app by Apple themselves might be good enough but if you use Android devices on a regular basis and need to keep your tasks with you wherever, this is definitely a must have.

It brings all the things you'd expect from the Android version, such as voice input, gestures, predictive text, folders and more.

With it now also on the Web, and there being a Chrome extension for it (here), you can keep everything synced together, with all your tasks at hand.

I've always loved this app on Android, it's used by millions on the platform, and I couldn't recommend it enough. For those who don't use Android devices regularly you could make do with the default Reminders app but Any.DO definitely is a lot more intuitive.

Any.DO for iPhone - Free

Any.DO, The Beautiful To Do List App, Now On iOS & Web