a-Jays Four Review

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a-Jays Four Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review.

a-Jays Four come from Jays, a Swedish based company who specialise in earphones and do so with style. All their products have a modern minimal style which many favour. They don't compromise on quality either, with their products having a very premium feel, made with premium materials.

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The a-Jays Four is no exception when it comes to quality. They've mainly been made for the iPhone user with the inline buttons and mic to control some parts of your phone without having to pull it out of your pocket.


The design of the a-Jays Four is definitely up there with a lot of other premium earphones. They're mainly matt black all the way through, with some brushed aluminium accents here and there.

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They have a flat tape like design which make them tangle-free. This actually works very well with these set of earphones, haven't had to spend a while untangling them when taking them out of my pocket or bag. Where the earphones split to each earphone there is a rigid piece of plastic to prevent them tearing. This is a major issue on many other earphones, especially the ones that come from Apple.

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The headphone jack is an L-shaped one which I find a lot better than the straight ones. It prevents any damage to the connection and with it being very thick you shouldn't have to worry about it ripping. I've found it fits just as easily in the pocket too.

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Unlike most earphones which come with three sets of buds, this comes with five. From XXS to L. There is a fit for everyone. They're really soft too so they shouldn't cause any discomfort. Just make sure to put on the right size, because if you don't, it can build a sort of aching feeling around your ear hole.

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You also get an inline remote and micrphone. This is highly useful for when adjusting volume and playing/pausing music. If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can actually adjust the settings to skip songs too, very useful. The buttons have a great tactile feel and with them having a different feel it's easy to differentiate between them when not looking.

Sound Quality

The sound quality from these are amazing for its class. I'd go as far as to say they're better than the in-earphones from Beats by Dre. The bass isn't overwhelming whatsoever like the ones from Beats by Dre and you can clearly hear all the highs and lows. It won't beat your really high premium headphones like the ones from Bose, but these definitely come in close.

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With them being in-ear you get pretty good noise isolation if you get the right fit. They easily block out most noise and also isolate the sound into your ears so there is barely any sound leakage. But like I said, you really have to get the perfect fit to feel and hear the full effect.

Also sound quality does depend on the device you're using. The iPhone 4s does use one of the newest sound chips available so sound quality from it will be adequate for most.


If you're looking for a good set of headphones for your smartphone and are willing to go above the average price to get premium quality, the a-Jays Four is definitely a great choice. The design is understated and modern, it's not meant to be brightly coloured and flashy, just discreet. The sound quality is amazing for its price and like I said earlier, it beats some of the earphones by Beats by Dre. They're really classy and will be more than adequate for most people.

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