20 Stunning Tilt Shift Photos


20 Stunning Tilt Shift Photos

Tilt shift photos are photos of real places but made to look like miniature models. The tilt shift name comes from the optical way of creating the effect. It is when a cameras lens is tilted to make a very shallow depth of field. This effect can also be done through digital photo editing and even phone apps like Instagram can also allow you to acquire the same effect through a phones camera.

York wedding diorama

Camera Roll-170

Small cars



Road Trip 2011

Waterfront tilt

The windy city in miniature

NanoWorld: China, Yangshuo

NanoWorld: China, Pingyao

NanoWorld: China, Pingyao

Fashionable Mini-Houses with Festive Lights


Tilt-Shift Hoover Dam

manhattan t.s.

El Faro de Roses — Tilt-Shift

North Bridge

Osgoode tiltshift.

Small Big Apple TS