Versus/Hearts - Awesome Artwork Over Two Rivalries

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Versus/Hearts - Awesome Artwork Over Two Rivalries

Dan Matutina is a really talented graphic design artist who has come up with a project called Versus/Hearts. The images consist of two rivals which hate each other but know deep down they couldn't exist without each other. Dan started the project two years ago but recently revived it, adding more and more great artwork to the collection. Here are just a select few pieces from the project.

The Snake and the Lightning I was never really a big fan of Harry Potter, but I read all the books. :) My favorite book was Prisoner of Azkaban. My favorite HP movie was also Prisoner of Azkaban and the other movie where Harry and Hermione danced. I thought it was so artsy. Hahaha. Can you guys guess what’s happening in this illo? :)Hint: It’s supposedly a magical phenomenon. 

The Egg and The Spike “Too Fast for the Naked Eye, Sonic the Hedgehog…” I used to watched the cartoon series when I was in high school. :) The games on SEGA Genesis were also one of my favorites. :)

The Geniuses Ah Dexter’s Lab, my ultra favorite cartoon before Samurai Jack. The door of my room back in high school was identical to Dexter’s. Hahaha. I recreated the stickers with oil pastel and water color. :) Here’s Mandark laughing at you for 10 minutes. Ha haha Hahahaha! :p

Red & Blue I was thinking of doing Loki & Thor, but decided to go with Cap and Skull first. :) I was never a big fan of Captain America, but I loved the old Captain America cartoon theme.  “When Captain America throws his Mighty Shield…”  

‘ol Metalhead & the Mutated Turtle I used to make and sell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics when I was in grade school. :) My favorite turtle was Donatello, but I had to draw Leonardo for this particular illo because he’s the leader. Cowabunga!—-Thanks for the suggestion Cory 

The Student & The Master Oh it’s Lord Vader and my favorite Jedi - Obi Wan Kenobi. I never really liked Luke as a character (please don’t kill me :p), so I went with Obi Wan. If you’re having a great day, I suggest looking at this. Cheers! 

It’s the Big Bad Monster and the Plumber The first video game I ever played on the Family Computer. :)

Mojo Jojo & Buttercup Buttercup is my fave Powerpuff. :) I’ll make more hearts with Blossom and Bubbles in the future. :)

Spy & Spy Your favorite spies. 

The Pig & The Bird

The Joke & The Bat

Hello. :) Welcome to Versus/Hearts, a project about rivals. :)