New UltraLinx Gaming Channel

Not many know, but I’m an avid gamer. I’ve been playing computer games before I could actually talk properly. Many of the people I play with online on PS3 keep bugging me, telling me I should start a YouTube channel for real – that time has come.

The new UltraLinx gaming channel won’t be a channel where I cover like every single major game that comes out, I would love to, but I personally don’t have the time – hopefully that might happen in the future as UltraLinx grows. For now the channel will mainly consist of Call of Duty videos.

I want to cover more games, so that’s where you guys come in. I’m looking for other avid gamers out there who play on PS3, Xbox or PC. We can collaborate together to push more high quality videos, more regularly. Obviously you will get your full cut of monetization on your videos. If you’re interested, just email me at – [email protected] – make sure to put “UltraLinx Gaming Channel Applicant” in the subject. If you’ve already got videos up of your gameplay, make sure to link to them!

So if you’re into your gaming, make sure to subscribe to the new channel – UltraLinx Gaming Channel

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