Just Mobile AluPen Stylus Review

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Just Mobile AluPen Stylus Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review.

With tablets becoming more and more popular and more finger friendly, there isn't much need of a stylus anymore. But some apps do require a stylus to be a lot more accurate and easy to use than your finger, Paper is one of them. Paper has been highly popular since its released, racking up over 1.5 million downloads in 2 weeks. Because of the popularity of apps like Paper, the demand for a stylus has gone up because of the accuracy they provide.

The problem is a lot of stylus' are actually complete crap, they either don't work or fall apart. Wacom's Bamboo stylus has been receiving much praise but from what I read on the Amazon reviews, many are saying that the tip either splits or falls apart. Wacom say they sell more tips on their site but I think the reason they're so delicate is so that you're forced to buy more tips, a greedy move I say.

Just Mobile AluPen has to be the next in line, it is more expensive but from other reviews it doesn't break.

Note: The drawing in the photos used is not mine, it's an example that came with the app.

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From using the stylus for the past few days and putting it through its paces the AluPen is a tough one. I even use it quite aggressively sometimes to see if the tip will take the brunt, it doesn't fail.

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The tip is bendy and squashes quite a bit. If you really applied some real force you could properly rip it off, but why would you want to do that. Drawing with it is an absolute pleasure and is super sensitive. I can apply the lightest touch and my iPad would recognise it with ease, following my strokes very accurately. I would like it to be a bit smaller, it'd then give the illusion that it is even more accurate.

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The design of it is fantastic. It's made out of one whole piece of aluminium which feels great to hold and really solid. It's a real simple hexagonal design, like a pencil but bigger. It's won the numerous awards such as the reddot design award 2011 and IF product design award 2011. You also get this nice leather like pouch which you can hold the stylus in.

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I'd say the Just Mobile AluPen is easily one of the best stylus' out there right now for any tablet user. It's super solid and the design is great. It is pricey, at £22.95 but you are getting a quality product which is a lot better than the cheap ones from eBay.

AluPen - £22.95 | iPad Stylus