Incredibox – Addictive Online Music Making Game

Are you bored? Looking for something new and entertaining to do in those short breaks you have from your hectic life? I think I’ve found just the thing for you — Incredibox!

Despite the mildly cheesy name, this little music creation game is very well made, very fun to play, and very addictive! The objective is simple; make the best beats you can with the limited parts available to you. You have control of twenty different looped sounds, all categorised into groups: effects, beats, melodies, chorus and voices. Each groups has several loops to choose from and, if you pick the right combination, you can make some pretty nice mixes. Each loop presents itself in the form of a man (from beat-boxer to soul-singer). Each man can be activated and deactivated which makes recording and sharing mixes much more interesting.

You have the option to record your creation and share it on various social networks. Embedding is coming soon and, of course, direct links can be shared.

You can find an exquisite (not really, I made it) example of a mix here.

While this tool may seem a little rudimentary, it is actually perfect for a game. There’s nothing better than something this simple and this fun. I suggest you go and check out Incredibox right now. Just say goodbye to the rest of the Internet, for an hour, before you go!