Make Your Own Awesome Cinemagraphs on iPhone

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Make Your Own Awesome Cinemagraphs on iPhone

If you don't know what cinemagraphs are, they are GIF's made to look like a mini moving clip. Check out these examples to see what I mean - 19 Spectacular Cinemagraphs – GIF Photography.

Well now you can make cinemagraphs like that right on your iPhone through an app called Flixel. You simply record a two second scene, let the app process the video then you highlight the parts which you want moving. It's literally as simple as that.

It also has a built-in social network where you can view cinemagraphs which others have made, create your own profile, follow others...etc. It's like Instagram but for cinemagraphs.

The app is completely free. It's only available for iPhone at the moment but they have said an iPad and Android version will be coming soon!