Get Facebook Fans With These Tips


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Anyone who has a Facebook fan page wants to gain as many fans as possible. You want to make your fans engage more in your posts and for them to like and comment on your content, so then their friends will see it too. This is the great thing about Facebook, something can easily go viral and can reach thousands, even millions if done right. Here is a collection of tips on how to get more Facebook fans.

How to get more fans on Facebook pages

Share pictures, pictures, pictures!

The most effective method I've found is by sharing pictures. Facebook bases itself around pictures. They're the most engaging form of content and if one person likes your photo, all their friends will see it too, leading to them viewing and maybe also liking the picture.

Don't share any picture

When sharing pictures on your fan page, have your audience in mind. It's important the pictures you share relate to your audience and the people who like your fan page. Because the UltraLinx fan page mainly consists of fans who are into tech and design, sharing pictures of workspaces, phones, new tech, design work..etc is what appeals most to them and they are going to like those pictures. If I started posting pictures of dogs I don't think many people will be interested at all.

Share content which appeals to a wide audience

Don't be too specific and niche with the content you share. For example sharing a picture of a circuit board from a computer isn't going to appeal to lots of people. However sharing a picture of a classic phone, like a Nokia, and then titling it "Like if you remember this phone!" will get you a lot more engaged users.

Occasionally put "Like this...etc" or "Share this...etc" into the caption of the picture

This tip should be used sparingly, if used too much on your fan page it will become ineffective. When sharing a picture or a link, put caption which has a call to action. For example if I shared a picture of someone going down a massive slide, putting a caption like - "Like if you would love to slide down this!" will get you a lot more engagement because humans unintentionally listen when you tell them what to do.

You could also put, "Like our fan page for more stuff like this".

Post funny content

This is a no brainer really. Everyone loves a bit of humour so posting funny content will always get attention. You could post funny statuses or pictures, meme's always work very well. For those who don't know what a meme is, it's a random picture with a caption which makes it funny, search it in Google to find out what I mean.

By using the methods above you will be able to acquire a lot more engaged Facebook users who are more likely to like and comment on your content. When they do like and comment, their friends will see this in their news feed which will inevitably lead to more and more fans. Once you get the ball rolling you get a snowball life effect where it gets bigger and bigger, quicker and quicker.