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Flipboard For Android Officially Released

Flipboard has at last been released for Android...but there's a catch, it's been made exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is a bit of a silly move by Flipboard, cutting themselves out from a massive amount of Android users who I'm sure are desperate for the app.

It's been exclusive on iOS since its release and is the most popular news/rss reader for the platform. You can also connect to social networks through the app, such as Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr.

With the Android community containing a mass amount of hackers I'm sure the app won't stay exclusive for long. Many apps like this don't stay "exclusive" for long and developers mod them to work on any Android device.


Forget about everything I just said there. Flipboard themselves have now released a new sign up page for Flipboard for Android. It looks like Flipboard will actually be coming to Android officially in the coming months. Head over to the sign up page and bang in your email to be alerted when it does get released.

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