Britain's Got Talent Gets A Voting App

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Britain's Got Talent Gets A Voting App

Britain's Got Talent is one of the most popular shows in the UK, bringing in millions of visitors regularly, even if the show is pretty stale.

However for the first time, they have released an app for the show which now enables you to vote right through your phone, instead of having to dial a number.

The live semi-finals start soon and the app has been put in place just in time, to rake in even more money for the show.

Obviously you will have to pay for voting, costing around 50p per vote. You have to buy three votes at once though, at £1.49, once you've purchased that through the app you can use the buzzer to vote for the acts you like most.

Using apps for a show as massive as BGT will definitely make it even more engaging. The app already features the ability to watch unseen footage (for a fee) and get backstage news, photos and gossip.

Britain's Got Talent - iOS App